SMARTPHONE & TABLET ACCESSORIES POWERCHARGER: NEVER RUN OUT OF ENERGY! External battery for charging your smartphone, tablet, digital camera, GPS or music player. Convenient for travel, holidays, business trips, festivals, days out and basically all those moments during the day when your mobile device could use some extra energy but there’s no power outlet available. When you divide the power of the PowerCharger (mAh) by the capacity of the battery in your mobile device (mAh), you know approximately how many percent or how often you can charge your mobile device. Our PowerChargers comply with the European Directives and are supplied with USB/micro-USB charging cable, A-quality lithium battery and instructions in more languages. MORE UNIQUE POWERCHARGERS? CALL OUR SALES TEAM TO DISCUSS THE OPTIONS. 114 Pagina 113

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Interactieve digitale jaarverslag, deze vaktijdschrift of club blad is levensecht online geplaatst met Online Touch en bied het naar een online publicatie converteren van e-onderwijsmagazines.

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