SMARTPHONE & TABLET ACCESSORIES 3 6422 | PowerCharger 6600 Very powerful, high-capacity plastic emergency charger with fl ashing battery indicator, fl ashlight function, two output ports to simultaneously charge multiple mobile devices, built-in lithium battery (6600mAh/3.7V). Input: 5V-1A. Output: Port 1: 5V-1A. Port 2: 5V-2.1A. The PowerCharger can be charged by USB with USB cable. Suitable for charging most popular mobile devices (including smartphones, music players and tablets). Incl. instructions. Meas. 9.7 x 6.4 x 2.3 cm. Each piece in a gift box with magnetic closure. 320 g. .01 .10 .98 tampo print on the front • 45 x 40 mm / DigitalPrint on the back • 40 x 40 mm 4 4508.10 | TravelCharge Set Comprehensive and luxurious travel kit consisting of: PowerCharger (1800mAh - Output 0.5-1A), USB CarCharger and 3-in-1 charging cable for iPhone 4, 5 and micro-USB. Ideal standard equipment to have energy everywhere. Meas. 14 x 17.5 x 3.5 cm. Each piece in a gift box with magnetic closure. 257 g. tampo print on the top - PowerCharger • 80 x 15 mm / DigitalPrint on the top - PowerCharger • 85 x 15 mm 117 Pagina 116

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