GIVEAWAYS & GAMES 5 4331 | Glow Bracelet Flexible and transparent plastic bracelet with easy closure and LED light with two modes: fl ashing or continuous light. The transparent bracelet will also shine when the light is on. Batteries incl. Meas. Ø 7 x 2.1 cm. 14 g. tampo print on the light • 30 x 10 mm .60 .10 .20 .30 .70 6 2848.04 | FunLight Plastic glow stick, with coloured LED lights, produces 7 alternating patterns. Includes carry cord. Batteries incl. Meas. Ø 1.7 x 20.5 cm. Each piece in a box. 28 g. tampo print on the front • 60 x 10 mm 23 2 Pagina 22

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Interactieve digi boek, deze clubblad of drukwerk is levensecht online geplaatst met Online Touch en bied het digitaal bladerbaar publiceren van online onderwijscatalogussen.

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