PENS & PENCILS 1 1 3217.98 | Smile Blue ink ballpoint pen with foam ball at the top and removable lid. Supplied as an assortment, with a range of 6 facial expressions. Meas. 17.5 x 4 cm. 18 g. tampo print on the barrel • 45 x 7 mm 2 2 2857.99 | FunWrite Blue ink ballpoint pen with a coloured light bulb that fl ickers for 10 seconds as soon as you tap the end. Incl. batteries. With lid. Supplied as an assortment of 6 colours. Meas. 19 x 3 cm. 20 g. tampo print on the barrel • 50 x 5 mm 76 Pagina 75

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Voor kranten, online onderwijscatalogussen en flyers zie het Online Touch CMS beheersysteem systeem. Met de mogelijkheid voor een webwinkel in uw PDF-en.

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